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We offer 5 e-learning modules (games, quizzes). You can learn or refresh the knowledge about history, fibers, functional clothing etc.

Clothing history

What is the way from nude till current smart textiles like?
You can choose your favourite clothing (socks, pyjamas, suit…) and playing this game to observe its historical development. 9 historical period of time is prepared on 9 slides with typical clothing and there is one mistake (a part of clothing which is not connected to this period of time) on each one. If you find all mistakes and you are successful in final quiz, the timeline of your favourite clothing will arise in printable form as diploma.


What is the what? - Fibre

The fiber is all around us. We can meet it every day, it is not only basic matter of each textile, but also one of the basic component of organic world. We can find the fibre even in minerals. This module explains basic terminology a is adequate introduction for another modules.


Source and raw materials for fibre

Module 2 tough you what fibre is. In this module you can get new information about raw material for fibre (plant, animals, technology, interesting thing…), how the spider fibre is produced. Proof your knowledge about fibre in very easy quiz


Properties and characteristic of fibre

Charles had washed his pullover…when he took it out of washing machine, he understood his fault. Can you read the labels, which are on your clothing? Do you check material composition of clothes in order to take a good care (washing, dry cleaning, ironing…) about it. If not, please, come in.


Sandwich system of functional clothing

Did you buy very expensive and trendy clothing, which can almost everything? Is it waterproof, windproof and you do not know what else? How disappointing it is when you are cold and you feel very uncomfortable...

Do you know that this clothing must be used in proper way? What is the mistake? The problem could be in wrong forming of sandwich system of this clothing.

Let come in and get dressed yourself for summer mountain trip or winter cross-country skiing tour.



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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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