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Fashion School II

During the previous project Fashion school I (the first 11 language versions of dictionary was created) the project team found out, that the dictionary needs to be upgraded by better visual and graphical concept for better understanding and by more profound didactic tools. Therefore in the FSII, those 2 inventions (visual concept + e-learning upgraded will be included, translated back to all 16 languages.

The aim of FS II is to transfer our acquired knowledge to most typical textile countries, where it will find its users easily – Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey where most of international textile companies are being settled now and further Italy and Greece as traditional fashion and textile countries, who simply can not be omitted in the dictionary. This way, there will exists unique T/C electronic explanatory dictionary in 16 European languages for a wide use among target groups.

Partnership: the promoting and co-ordinating organisation is ATOK. Further, it has 5 Czech partners and 4 foreign partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey. The Italian translation will be ensured by external translation agency with native speakers.

The planned outcomes are: Multimedia fashion and textile guide in 5 new languages, complete visual and e-learning modules in 15 languages, cca 300 demo CDs of the multilingual guide, many thematic seminars and workshops in all partner countries, promotion articles, press releases and information in the media, project website www.texsite.info in all 16 languages.


  • higher motivation to study traditional field in not traditional form (e-learning),
  • improvement of ability of communication in foreign languages which could support future cooperation on research projects or tuition in general,
  • ability to learn using ICT in an educational context, ability to synthesize detail into greater concepts,
  • increased cooperation among professionals.

Genel Ortağı

European Union Education and Culture Bu yayın [iletişim], yazarın sadece görüntülerini yansıtır. Bu madde de olduğu gibi komisyon herhangi yanlış bir kullanım için sorumlu tutulamaz. Bu projeye avrupa komisyonundan maddi destek sağlanmıştır.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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